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December 2014 -

Silver Valley Mother Says Her Family and Others Impacted by Inadequate Heavy Metal Clean-Up.  Listen: KRFP, Moscow ID

The Mother is a  typical Silver Valley person who has been fighting for shutting down the toxic repositories EPA Region X is building in the area and also for the Silver Valley Community Resource Center to receive  significant settlement funds for a community supported Community Lead  Health Clinic/Center.

SVCRC asks that you take action:
Send an email to President Obama ASAP. Click on  the  turquoise box on the right hand side it will  open up so  you can send an  email. We ask that  everyone who reads  the message below send a  message. If  you can let our office  know a  message has been sent, this would be most helpful!  Thank you.


Blackout on Pollution
The Spokesman Review December 3, 2014
Regarding “Conference focuses on Lake Coeur d’Alene pollution, solutions,” (Nov. 19) by Becky Kramer:

Why is there a media blackout for exclusion of the source of the pollution leaching into the Coeur d’Alene Lake from the epicenter of the 1,500-square-mile Bunker Hill Superfund site? Why is there no consideration for expenditures for lead health intervention for the six generations of families living with chronic lead health conditions or those who recreate on the lake and are at risk?

Why is there no mention of the huge 60-foot-tall, 20-acre toxic repositories (temporary dumps) being built by the Environmental Protection Agency on the banks of the Coeur d’Alene River and communities? Why did the EPA approve the desecration of Native American ancestral grounds in the building of the toxic waste dump at the Mission of the Sacred Heart? The Mission National Historic Landmark is one of the most recreated areas in the Pacific Northwest.

Why does the EPA refuse to acknowledge permanent waste technology? How about a story accounting for the $700 million in just settlement funds? Why are those in the Silver Valley treated disproportionately to those living downstream in more affluent populations?

It is not right for only one-sided viewpoints. The EPA’s mission is to clean up the environment and protect human health.

Bob and Jeri McCroskey


October 2014 -

“Even a small dose of lead  is harmful”  

For those who want to hear the latest on lead testing of children in  the Silver Valley, Bunker Hill Superfund site, Radio Station KRFP/92.5 FM, Moscow Idaho, archives has this interview, from October 2, 2014.  Station Director Leigh  Robartes is very thorough conducting an interview with Dr. Colonna, SVCRC Consultant and Barbara Miller, SVCRC Director. 


Keep in mind it is lead  health issues are the underlying source for the so-called  cleanup in the epicenter of the nations largest lead  Superfund site. Millions and millions of dollars are being  spent moving contamination around.  Thousands signed petitions  and 75 national groups to shut down the Old Mission  Repository that is still leaching lead and contamination. In  just one day during the  annual Spring flooding, the US/GS measured more than 160  metric tons of lead being washed downstream in 2012. Ed  Moreen Reg. Ten EPA told the press that does not report any  documentation of the contamination flowing downstream, said  “the repository is doing its job, cleaning the  contamination out”.Hundreds of tourists and  children visit the Old Mission each Spring and drive bye  during the year. The repository is clearly seen from I-90.

Essentially EPA is digging up contaminated soils and  transporting with exposure potential to temporary dumps,  called repositories. 

Recent exterior lead results taken from residences in the Amy Lynn public  housing apartments where EPA has dug up yards at least 3 different times shows 1590 ppm of lead in doormats placed at these homes. EPA’s threshold for lead removal at any other  site but Bunker Hill is 300 ppm. The recent results prove  that the yard remediation work conducted is not  successful.


For more information please contact SVCRC, 208-784-8891 or



Pollution from the Old Mission Repository at Cataldo, ID, continues to leach and travel downstream to the Chain Lakes of the Coeur d'Alene River on to the Spokane River.

EPA is misrepresenting fact to the public about the “repository doing its job and cleansing” contamination that is being dumped at the Old Mission Repository. At least a half dozen more repositories in the Upper Basin built in our communities and on the river banks are also contributing to the contamination.

Source of documentation; Stephen Lester, Environmental Scientist for Community Health and Environmental Justice.

As a concerned citizen you can help spread the word about EPA’s lack of response to health and environment concerns raised by the thousands of individuals living in the 1500 sq. mile Superfund site. It is best to avoid the area in and around the Old Mission because of the dumping of materials filled with lead and heavy metals. Sacred land there is also being desecrated by these activities.

Please share this information with friends, family and neighbors. EPA does not and will not even as CERCLA law mandates them to do, as well as not meeting their requirement to involve affected citizens.

On October 2, 2014, the State of Idaho Department of Health and Welfare and Dr. Steven Gilbert, lead researcher from Seattle, WA, sponsored a webinar, “Even a small dose of lead is harmful” in Boise, ID. Both IDHW and Dr. Gilbert are members of the Idaho Lead Oversight Committee, founded by the Silver Valley Community Resource Center.

Dr. Gilbert’s research provided critical information to the CDC causing them to decrease the dangerous threshold of lead in blood from 10 ug/dl to 5 ug/dl.

SVCRC is working to have Dr. Gilbert come to the Bunker Hill Superfund site and assist us with educating parents and care providers on the dangers of lead.

EPA has the ability to do this but is not.

Mid/Sept. 2014, SVCRC finishes a year long quest with EPA Region X and National Environmental Justice office pertaining to volumes of documentation of the ongoing contamination, recontamination and chronic lead health issues of those living in the Superfund site.

Both representatives reported, “EPA has no resources to help community individuals in any way”. This on the same day that the media was reporting on the $450,000,000 in ASSARCO settlement funds that EPA is controlling in addition to the $250,000,000 from the Hecla settlement earmarked for BHSS cleanup and health issues.

Go to the SVCRC website to find more information, sign a petition to shut down the Old Mission Repository. The contamination is in your neighborhood! You are not being told this.

Call our office to get involved.

Share with others.



September 2014 -

UPDATE: Contaminated Debris Relocation

Dump trucks are coming in from East and West including Harrison, Coeur d'Alene, and the Spokane area to dump in the Old Mission (EMF) repository. No one knows what they are hauling; it could be anything from lead, contaminated yard remediation soil, mine waste, to nuclear hazardous waste. They are dumping as much toxic waste at the Mission as possible before the grounds freeze.

Essentially they are moving contamination from one place and piling it up in the repositories along with other waste materials as are obvious at the Page Ponds repository.

We know the pollution is leaching into the Coeur d'Alene River at the Mission Repository, It is safe to say the same about all other repositories as they are all built. According to Terry Harwood, CDA Basin Administrator, "all repositories are built in communities along the river banks" so whats the big deal?

Please sign the petition or contact the SVCRC office if you are concerned, precisely about the safety of your children, your family, and your friends, and others.

The sacred grounds at the Mission should not be used for a toxic waste dump.

More than 3000 citizens and 75 groups from all over the country and outside the USA oppose the repository. All repositories here are located in the CDA Basin floodplain, in other regions EPA does not permit this. Here, EPA refuses to acknowledge the risk to our children and the environment. Recommendations for permanent waste technology called for by SVCRC more than 20 times since the cleanup began, continues to be ignored. 


UPDATE: Environmental Justice in the nations largest Superfund site, Bunker Hill?

Recently the Silver Valley Community Resource Center (SVCRC) hosted interested people including affected citizens and families living with chronic lead health conditions, during a site visit from EPA's Environmental Justice office. Prior to the official visit, the two specific issues that citizens have demanded to be addressed for relief of the lead health exposure, 1) shutting down the Old Mission Repository and 2) funds for the community supported Comm. Lead Health Clinic a number of items were discussed with EPA and SVCRC, and the interest seemed to be sincere.

Dr. John Osborn, long known for speaking out about the serious issues of environmental desecration in the Silver Valley from mining and EPA attempts at remediation, proposed workshops for health providers. These workshops would bring providers up to date on the current issues effecting the environment and health, especially the long standing lack of lead testing in the area. SVCRC is the only source in the state of Idaho as well as well as the Superfund site that is doing any proactive intervention with its, Children Run Better Unleaded, project.

EPA's representative responded to this request by saying, "there are no resources".

After the recent Federal court settlement entered by Judge Lonny Suko, ASARCO was required to pay $450 million and HECLA Mining Company was required to pay $244 million for clean up related programs. To date, out of this sum total of $694 million the following payments have been made:


  1. $54,000,000 to Shoshone County Commissioners to repair roads, this is you recall is the leadership source that was instrumental in throwing EPA and shooting them and their adversaries several years ago. Shoshone News Press, July 28, 2001 This money came from settlement funds.

  2. $150,000 given to the city of Kellogg to pave alley ways.

  3. $10,000 for new computers to schools and libraries

  4. $230,000 a greenbelt development that is alongside the central impoundment area the old Bunker Hill Central Compound area where the CDA tribe estimates approx. 170,000 tons of lead and heavy metal is stored.

  5. $542,000 in street maintenance

  6. $17,000,000 for flood control, street projects, extra yard remediation work at Amy Lynn Apts. (Aug.2014 Amy Lynn residents find 1590 ppm. lead dust in door mats. This amount exceeds EPA’s lead remediation levels by 4 x’s.

  7. $14,000,000 debt to Bob Hopper, “owner” of the Bunker Hill mine, for water treatment work

  8. $13,000,000 reported by Ed Moreen, EPA Bunker Hill project manager for the building of the bridge off I-90 for construction of the Old Mission Repository.

Editor's Note: We can only presume that the above listed amounts were paid out of settlement money. There are so many other sources of funding which SVCRC has been successful in helping EPA get...the point to be made is the fact that in spite of a ton of health studies of the men, women and children at taxpayers expense citizens have received $0.


A top EPA environmental justice official was quick to point out that this item giving of funds after the Hecla settlement was received by EPA is how EPA succeeded in polarizing the community. RE #1 above.

It has also come to our attention that items 3-8 are all projects funded by federal taxpayer $$$ long before settlement funds were made available at least according to the time line any of us were made aware of….none of this is information was shared with any affected citizens...except county commissioners.

Shoshone county commissioners misrepresented data about the lead health conditions.  They stated …that health conditions “were non existent”.  At the same time the commissioners stated they were going to use the money to create a Conservation Corp for economic development.

the roads they did repair were done at an extremely minimal level, falling short of any improvements. No public input was sought regarding prioritization of projects…etc. Some projects were not as necessary as in other CCC has ever been publicly announced and probably won’t be.

...the bridge at the Mission Repository may have been paid for with settlement funds but we have no  confirmation...Ed Moreen of EPA Region X  just boasted to some of our colleagues when they tried to intervene that “the bridge was already purchased”.  This was very close but may have been before the Hecla and Asarco settlement.

UPDATE: Coeur D'Alene Tribe
In 2012 the USGS measured hundreds of tons of lead and other toxic heavy metal mine waste that flowed down the CDA River into the lake in one day of annual flooding.  From this point the toxic material flows on into the Spokane River.  This mine waste from the Silver Valley has been found in the Columbia River.
The Tribe's Lake Management Plan, in conjuntion with EPA and IDEQ, will continue to fail as long as this toxic material flows into the lake at Harrison, Idaho.
How is it then that SVCRC is inundated with calls as to why the CDA Tribe is not protecting their Sacred Land at the Catlado Mission?
The siting of the East Mission Flats Repository, little more than 1000 feet from the Mission, and adjacent to a long existing wetland only allows this environmental disaster to continue.
Clearly to the EPA, IDEQ, and the Coeur D'Alene Tribe, they consider the environment and the people to be of no consequence.  It must be just the $47 million received by the Tribe.  The money Phillip Cernera, CDA Tribe Restoration Coordinator, wants no one to talk about.

UPDATE: Affected Citizens Receive NO MONEY -
Even though there have been numerous court orders and ruling by the Department of Justice, lead health intervention, and six generations of families who care passionately about their community and their children have received $0 to address these important concerns.






June 2014  This photographer  has come to our attention, he has captured not only an incredible photo of the Old Mission of the Sacred Heart but many other outdoor scenes related to the area. They depict why so many are working to protect the environment in the Silver Valley area.


April 2014  Those who drive by the Old Mission Repository, Exit 39 off Interstate 90, will see heavy equipment in recent days. No one knows for sure what they are doing. 


However do you think the operators are aware of the Yellowstone  Petroleum gas line just a short distance from where they are working?  And are they aware of the Natural gas line to the south of where they are working?


The fact that  ConocoPhillips and Homeland Security were called to the site in the past and spent about a month looking into the gas line leak or "drop in pressure" without telling local residents is something we all should be concerned about in addition to the lead and heavy metal exposure that is taking place in the water and the air?

Call or email President Obama to shut down the site before this becomes a worse disaster. or phone: 202-456-1111.

March 2014: Current flooding status


SVCRC - Nationally recognized for leading the effort over the past 25 years to bring health and economic prosperity to the people of the Silver Valley and those included in the Bunker Hill Superfund Site.

Lead Health -
Report shows continuing problems with lead screening issue in Kellogg
Recent statistics show that out of all eligible community people only 1.25% have had lead screening.

United Steel Workers International officials met to discuss issues with SVCRC members, in keeping with their Blue-Green Alliance.  We extend our thanks to Leo Gerard and USW folks for extending their hand of concern.

Please save all your empty Frito-Lay bags and mail them to or drop them off at the SVCRC office.

Hi Friends, 

Some of you may know that I've been doing some work for a small, grass-roots organization located in northern Idaho that has been working for 20 years on the clean up of the largest lead contamination site in the country.  With very little resources, they have been able to push the clean up through while creating jobs for unemployed local miners.  Their primary organizer, life-long Silver Valley resident Barbara Miller, has been awarded national recognition by the Ford Foundation for her work.  
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